If you are looking for a real estate professional and/ or an interior designer to help you find the perfect home or decorate your living space, Mermaid Realty & Design is a one stop shop! Here are some testimonials from some of Brittany’s former clients:

“Brittany went above and beyond to help me with my needs. She is very knowledgeable in her field and knows all of the ins and outs of the real estate business. If you are in need of a professional real estate person, call Brittany. I highly recommend her.” – Karen Dinan

“I loved working with her. She made things easy.” – Jim Nelson

“Brittany is a very knowledgeable and eager agent. Brittany is kind, patient and attentive to the client. She REALLY listens to the client’s needs and most importantly meets them. She works well with her clients and goes above and beyond her call of duty. She will get your home sold at the best price and do everything possible to find you a new place to call home. Brittany follows up with her clients to make sure they are pleased. I with absolute certainty recommend her as a Realtor and will use her again.” – Taiz Alexander

"Buying and selling a home at the same time can be a daunting task. I was fortunate enough to have Brittany at my side. Her knowledge, professionalism and persistence overcame the real estate challenges we faced. I admire her tenacity, work ethic and incredibly optimistic mindset. If it were not for Brittany's compassion and seeing me as more than just a client, my emotions would have gotten the best of me. I am forever grateful for her support, guidance, commitment and hard work. I highly recommend Brittany to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent and/or design (she gave me great, artistic home ideas!). Thank you, Brittany!!" - Danielle Trawick

“Brittany DeVarso truly was my salvation as I was looking for a tenant for my 2 family home in the aftermath of my divorce in 2018. As I had procrastinated on my own necessity to move from upstairs to downstairs, I only had left myself 2 weeks to look for and find a vetted tenant so that I could move onto the next phase of my life without defaulting on my own mortgage. Brittany worked wonders for me! For instance, not only did she have all necessary paperwork drawn up and alsso organized into labelled office folders, she also took it upon herself to help me give the living space “a woman’s touch”. Of course, she also referred me to a cleaning lady to spruce things up. More importantly, she immediately hooked me up with a contractor who was immediately available for painting and much needed repair work in the upstairs apartment. Two years later, I still have the same wonderful tenant, and all is well!!! I super recommend Brittany because not only is she a very caring person who is extremely detail-oriented and brings with her the experience of being able to ascertain the unforeseeable while simultaneously thinking/planning for many details ahead of time, but the expediency of her services was truly exceptional. Finally, the quality of the tenant she brought in to see my place turned out to be a match made in heaven for both myself and my still-current tenant. All possible vetting had already been done in advance by Brittany. All I needed to do was say, “yes”, and she saw to it that all questions were addressed appropriately and that BOTH tenant and landlord were fully satisfied. 100% recommendation from me.” – Mr. Jorge Ariza

"Brittany is the best!  She goes above and beyond anyone else I have ever worked with in Real Estate! She really cares about making sure the deal is right for you!  Bright, witty and knows her stuff!" - Peter Kuperschmid