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K. Dinan Photography

Karen Dinan has been taking pictures and interested in photography since the age of 8 when she purchased her first camera from a neighborhood garage sale where she grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
She took photography classes in high school and continued to photograph into adulthood.
She was a member of the Artist Mothers' Art Group in Long Beach when her daughter was a toddler.
Lately, she's been photographing local musicians and has extensive collections starting from 2013 to the present.
Whales off the local beaches are another favorite since they've been more visible from the shoreline and whale-watching boat trips.
There is no limit on her subject matter. Karen offers a unique way to view the usual things in her life. She wants to share these unusual sights that she witnesses.
Long Beach Sunsets, Waves, Beaches, Wildlife, Flowers, Mountains, Real Estate, and much more.
Please stop by her website to see her images.